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WestFest 2013

WF2013PostImageOur Annual Festival of Developing Works


Produced by Don Moore

Nov 1 thru Nov 24, 2013
Call (323) 851-7977
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Explore the human mind with us and witness all kinds of wonderment as new relationships are being formed and old relationships are being tested, all painted in varied, theatrical ways.


Week One – November 1-2-3 

To Be
A young student has her first session with a drama coach and art meets life.
Written and directed by Dayle Reyfel
Cast: Madison Claire Parks – Corinne Shor

The Bizz
The trials of trying out take their toll.
Written by Thom Thomas –  Directed by Donald Moore
Cast: Maray Ayres – Mario Granados

Ballroom Dancing
Irma, a recent widow from New York, moves to Las Vegas, and, with her ballroom dance shoes and ever-present bottle of Dr. Pepper, makes her way into the tangled web of the Las Vegas singles scene.
Written by Judith Allen –  Directed by Paul Denniston
Cast:  Jacque Lynn Colton

The Scene
Auditions are tough, but not only for the guy auditioning.
Written and directed by Mary Burkin
Cast:  Mary Burkin—Joe Nassi

The Theatre West Musical Comedy Workshop
From our showers, to our workshop, to you.
Musical Direction by Mary Garripoli
Staging by Mary Garripoli and Donald Moore
Accompaniment  by Paul Chipello
Our singers: Maray Ayres – Johanna Burwell – Caitlin Gallogly – Mary Garripoli – Patricia Jaramillo     Nancy Becker Kennedy – Devra Korwin – Andre Landzaat – Robert Laur – Constance Jewel Lopez    Deanne Mencher – Lee Meriwether – Donald Moore – Michael Pammet – Madison Claire Parks – Leonard Ross – Sara Shearer – Janie Steele – Sandra Tucker – Sara Ann Vail

Week Two – November 8-9-10

Waiting for the parade
“They also serve who only stand and wait.”  For the military wives of World War II, there was no greater truth.
Written by John Murell – Directed by Arden Teresa Lewis
Cast: Heather Alyse Becker – Jill Jones – Rebecca Lane – Anne Leyden – Barbara Mallory
In honor of Remembrance Day (Canada, Great Britain and the Commonwealth) and the USA’s Veteran’s Day, veterans and enlisted military tickets are only $5.00 [with discount code 4SERVE]! 

Week Three – November 15-16-17 

The Wedding Dress
An anxious bride and her dressmaker discover that love is about letting go of pain and creating new lives.
Written by Kent Hamilton – Directed by Paul Denniston
Cast : Corinne Shor – Sandra Tucker

Our Arrangement
Two senior couples are best friends.  They decide to switch things up and become…sweniors!
Written by Lloyd J. Schwartz – Directed by Stu Berg
Cast : Cal Bartlett – Layla Galloway – Don Moss – Diane Travis

Week Four – November 22-23-24


What exactly lurks beyond that door?  A weekend in the country has never been so funny and terrifying. You will leave with the willies.

Written and Directed by Eugene Pack
Cast:  Abbot Alexander – Constance Mellors – Steve Nevil – Corinne Shor

The Fat Lady Ain’t Hummin’FatLady

Food isn’t the only thing changing at this diner on this particular morning. Not everyone is thrilled about it either. The regulars keep trying to be regular and it “ain’t easy.” 

Written Linda L Rand – Directed by Sandra Tucker
Cast:  Maria Kress – David Mingrino – Marcia Rodd

The BeachTheBeach

It’s 7AM on the 4th of July and the fireworks have already started.

Written by Roy Battocchio
Directed by Stu Berg
Cast:  Roger Kent Cruz – Mary Garripoli


My Safe Place

Howard’s safe place is in his room. Can Anne help him out?

Written by Barbara Nell Beery – Directed by Marcia Rodd
Cast:  Drew Katzman – Constance Mellors

Mr. FranklinMrFranklin

Sometimes things just happen and in its apparent simplicity is its complexity. Or maybe it’s the other way around.  

Written and Directed by Mary Burkin
Cast:  Joe Nassi – George Tovar

My TreeMyTree

There is a tree in Central Park. It’s the only place Laura feels safe. But she’ll have to fight for it.

Written by Arden Teresa Lewis
Directed by Charlie Mount
Cast:  Melanie Kwiatkowski – Constance Jewell Lopez – Nick McDow – Emily Mount