Theatre West and 4 Letter Entertainment present
The Twilight Zone - Live On Stage!

Two famous episodes! "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" Written by Rod Serling. On the night of a UFO sighting, seven people at a diner claim to be of Earth, though one of them is not. And "The Four of Us Are Dying" Written by Rod Serling, based on a story by George Clayton Johnson. Arch Hammer can change his face to look exactly like someone else, a talent that he depends on for a living.

Special Late Night Show On Select Evenings After Requiem for a Heavyweight! (Separate Ticket Required)

Through Nov 19
11:00pm Shows
Fri and Sat nights
$10 at the Door

$25 for Two Rod Serling Shows!
Buy a ticket to see both REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT and THE TWILIGHT ZONE - LIVE ON STAGE! in one night, and save $5!

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October 23rd, 2005

Twilight Zone Episodes Live On Stage at Theatre West
by Joseph Mailander

October 23rd, 2005 Twilight Zone episodes live on stage at Theatre West

“You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into—the Twilight Zone.”

And at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night, you can’t possibly have a better time anywhere else in LA. Really!

Theatre West mounts two The Twilight Zone episodes on stage Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. The two episodes by Rod Serling—The Four of Us Are Dying and Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?—are both classic Twilight Zone setups: in one, an off-the-chart unusual talent gets a man out of and into more trouble than a man should be permitted; in the other, a pileup of inexplicable circumstances point to a close encounter with an alien—or do they?

The whole company is so enthused for the show that when called upon they can be alternately just as severe as any ol’ human chameleon and just as giddy about slumming with martians as anyone chuckling in the audience. Director Eric Ashmore here puts together two stupendously timed and well organized productions that make the most of lighting, sound, and that wicked late ’50’s set, which doubles as the set for Requiem for a Heavyweight earlier in the evening. (Set designer Jeff Rack, in fact, lands a plum as Serling’s narrator role.)

All performances hone in on the original Zone’s unique balancing of severity and sanguinity:Carlos Martin, Kyle Kleefeld, Erik Adams/Jason Arden, Tony Schnurr, Jessica Pennington, Whitney Anderson, George Tovar, William Chapman, Jason Guess, Rebecca Lane, Pawlos Girmay, Don DeForst Paul, Kila Kitu, Trisha Rae Stahl, Susie Myrvold, Rebecca Lane, Gloria Hendry—faces from everywhere, opera, Broadway, TV, cable, the ol’ Playboy Club, indie film, down the block. For standouts, it’s completely pick ‘em: me, I loved the venerable William Chapman in that Daily News newsprint apron, just like your ol’ San Fernando Valley paper boy, fresh off of a barnstorming production of Sunset Boulevard and, oh, sixty years of incidental other stuff, including twenty-five as a leading baritone at New York City Opera. But you’ll love everyone.

Face it: the sheer pleasure of hearing the famous Twilight Zone theme in a darkened theater is enough to make anyone smile and hunker down with great expectations for a damn fine hour of programming. It’s a great idea, and I can’t imagine anybody from this or any other planet not having a wonderful time.

The Twilight Zone—Live on Stage is at Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd West, in LA, just down the road a block from Universal City. Admission is $10 at the door. Shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. through November 19. Call 818-872-3383 for reservations and information, or go to 4 Letter Entertainment Inc. for more info.

Joseph Mailander

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