Jan 18 thru Jan 23, 2011
Staged Readings of Seven New Plays
FREE ADMISSION! No Reservations Required

Throughout the summer of 2010, Theatre West’s Writers Workshop presented a series of public readings of plays that had been developed in the workshop. This festival is the culmination of that process. The plays have been honed further and are being presented now as rehearsed readings featuring the rich acting talents of Theatre West’s actor members.

The creative process is thriving at Theatre West. Come see what we’ve been cooking up. There’s something for everyone with thought-provoking, humorous, farcical and evocative stories of humanity.

All of this is FREE. There is even a reward for attending all eight readings. Free Parking across the street.

Theatre West Executive Director: John Gallogly

New Year ~ New Works Producer: Elizabeth Bradshaw

All Shows at Theatre West are Wheelchair Accessible.

Bathrooms are not Wheelchair Accessible



Tues, Jan 18 at 8PM
by Frank Demson and Alan Freeman. Directed by Andrew Barnicle.With Caitlin Gallogly, Doug Haverty, Stan Kelly, Arden Teresa Lewis, Don Moore, Darryl Alan Reed, Tom Shelton.

Theodore Roosevelt and Sam Clemens, two gigantic egos at the turn of the 20th Century, admired each other but epitomized opposite political viewpoints. With the other guests as seasoning, the two men roast each other over the issues of the day, which surprisingly parallel our own time.

Thur, Jan 20 at 8pm
by David P. by David P. Johnson, Directed by Don Moore. With Heather Alyse Becker, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Roger Cruz, Maria Kress, Kristin Wiegand

A wander-lusting waitress manages one journey – which lands her in a diner with an antagonistic busboy, a supernova and a room full of trouble.

Fri, Jan 21 at 8pm
by Nicole Hoelle. Directed by Neil Elliot. With Maray Ayres, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Anthony Gruppuso, David P. Johnson

Hilarity and heartbreak ensue when a misanthropic writer and an obsessive-compulsive salesman help one another to confront and move beyond their own insecurities.

Sat, Jan 22 at 5pm
by Doug Haverty. Directed by Cate Caplin With Mary Garripoli, Barbara Mallory, Corinne Shor

Two escaped housewives from Cleveland are having the times of their lives being extras in Hollywood when reality shows up on their doorstep.

Sat, Jan 22 at 8pm
by Chris DiGiovanni. Directed by Grant Garinger. With Ann Benson, Yancey Dunham, Neil Elliot, Heather Keller, Maria Kress, Jon Lafferty

Non-linear in style, with elements of magical realism, “Aftermath” concerns itself with Rina’s journey to remember who she is and what she did the night she fled her home. With the help of Abbott and Michaelson, she pieces together the story of her life, is given a last chance to change her life, and takes it.

Sun, Jan 23 at 3pm
FAVORABLE COMPANY: THE GRACE TRILOGY (Three One Acts) “The Joy of Althea Hawkins”, “No Man Left Behind”, “The Princess and the Seamstress”
by Kent Hamilton. Directed by Marcia Rodd and Don Moore. With Yancey Dunham, Jason Galloway, David P. Johnson, Elsa Raven, Sandra Tucker, Laura Wolfe

Surprises are found in the human heart.

Sun, Jan 23 at 7pm
Nalsey Tinberg. Directed by Alan Freeman. With Charles Baird, Caitlin Gallogly, Maria Kress, Don Moore, Nan Tepper, Satya Vanii

A women’s college erupts in controversy when beloved Pulitzer Prize winning history professor Benjamin Price is found to have fabricated his Viet Nam service. Caught in the often comedic cross-fire is a new college president trying to reconcile her own past with the political realities of the situation.