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Thicker Than Water


Roy Battocchio’s

Directed by Stu Berg
Produced by Jill Jones and Benjamin Scuglia

Fridays and Saturday at 8pm. Sundays at 2pm.
Call (323) 851-7977
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Heather Alyse Becker • Johnny Ferretti • Mary Garripoli •  Maria Kress • Jack Kutcher •  Connie Mellors •  David Mingrino •  Vince Palmieri •  Joseph Bongiovanni

Featuring the vocal talents of
Jim Beaver •  Stu Berg •  Lee Meriwether •  Connie Sawyer •  Seemah Wilder

Made possible through a generous donation from The Lloyd E. Rigler – Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation



SWEET at Bitter Lemons!

“This is a beautifully loud family, and the heightened sense of drama fits in perfectly with their Italian sensibilities. My only warning, don’t go hungry — the glorious scent of lasagna hits you when you walk in, and everyone is eating throughout and it looks as real and delicious as the family love of Correlli Cosntruction. IF YOU LOVE TO LAUGH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ‘THICKER THAN WATER’, my sides really did ache when I got home and I’ve been cooking up Italian food all week!”

“A truly fun show, filled with A STEADY STREAM OF ROBUST LAUGHTER…Go see it, laugh and enjoy”

“OUR TOP TEN RECOMMENDATION: Director Stu Berg has assembled a cast of pros and deploys them briskly on designer Jeff Rack’s cozy kitchen set, complete with framed photographs of two popes and John F. Kennedy… Particularly engaging are (Mary) Garripoli’s garrulous, food-obsessed mother and (Jack) Kutcher’s scatterbrained doctor.” StageRaw

“Laughter is the best medicine and there is an abundance to be had in ‘Thicker Than Water’ now showing at Theatre West. This hilarious presentation of family loyalty is just what the doctor ordered. I LAUGHED SO HARD I CRIED. ‘Thicker Than Water’ is one of those shows you’ll want to see more than once… A standing ovation, lots of laughter, folks all around wiping the tears from their eyes: ‘Thicker Than Water’ is perfect fare. It’s a must see for all ages.” Discover Hollywood

“A VERY FUNNY COMEDY. Hilarious characters… The actors are perfect.”

Pass the ravioli andHAVE A GOOD LAUGH!” Accessibly Live Off-Line

“Playwright Roy Battocchio has a real feel for Italian family interactions under stress, and director Stu Berg manages to create a ‘Little Italy’ on Cahuenga Blvd.”


Production Staff
Set Design: Jeff Rack
Lighting Design: Yancey Dunham
Sound Design: Austin Quan
Costume Design: Lorri Layle Oliver
Stage Manager: Ernest McDaniel
Props Master: Ernest McDaniel
House Manager: Karen Ragan-George
Assistant to the Director: Joseph Bongiovanni
Image Design: Liam Carl
Graphic Design: Doug Haverty
Publicity: Philip Sokoloff
Photos: Charlie Mount



Pushy, vain and wealthy Aunt Gertrude wants to take over the family construction business, much to the consternation of the tight-knit, hot-blooded Corelli clan. The youngest son, Tommy, is unwillingly roped into multiple schemes to “handle” her in this hilarious comedy of Italian family values. You’ll die laughing!